viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Billy the Pyro process

I was lucky to work on this project with Brad Burdick, because he is so enthusiastic and organized, and thanks to that the kickstarter campaign was a success.
I want to tell you about the process I did on the pages of Billy the pyro.
At the very begining of the proyect I did the character design of the main character (billy). and I decide tu put into action a trick I learn from Paolo rivera, using a clay model for the head of the character as a model for future references on the book, that end up been a good desicion in some panels of the comic.

I started doing the pencils on paper and inking the same way (with brush and pen), cause I was a bit tired of workin on the computer and I want to rest my eyes a bit.

but then I decide to start move on onto digital, I keep with some pages with traditional pencils and inked digitally.

At the end I did all pages digitally (pencils and inks), I did that change in benefit of the time schedule for the proyect, it was fun to do that switch.

I learn some tricks about digital inking and put into action some digital brushes I bought a few weeks ago and some I did on my own. This is how looks like my work space in manga studio while I was doing Billy.